The ultimate treat for all gastronomy lovers: to get stars in their plate!


In 2018, the Team of Ap-Event & Travel was priviledged to organized the party celebrating Christophe Bacquié, chef at the Hôtel du Castellet, three stars award in the Michelin Guide.
We have witnessed such joy and excitement among all attendees, we instantly knew deep inside the impressive amount of hard work that was deployed to reach this outstanding result. His restaurant, top range of French gastronomy, is located in the heart of Provence, nearby the world famous Castellet Paul Ricard racing track. This location happily brings the opportunity to attend the Formula One France Grand Prix and experience a superb modern style aioli after the race.

A memorable experience wherever you stay

Blissfully, similar memorable culinary experience can be renewed at many different locations in the South of France! Indeed, high level cuisine has been a tradition for so long here, it has became a regional treasure equally appreciated by visitors as major historical visits.


Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Menton, Monaco, Luberon, Valence and so many more gastronomy heavens… Aside from a tourist sightseeing program, we can advise about excellent restaurants to upgrade your trip on the roads of France. Every year, the professional actors of the Tourist Industry are waiting for the annoucements from newly Michelin starred Tables. This year, in spite of a truly sad and gloomy pandemic atmosphere, some establishments have seen their efforts rewarded. Alexandre Mazzia and Coline Faulquier in Marseille, Maelle Bruguera and Mickael Feval in Aix-en-Provence are amongst the happy Chefs and Bakers.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if not has not dined well. – Virginia Woolf

As Destination Management Company, Ap-Event & Travel is constantly keeping track of local restaurants and bars. We like to surprise our Guests and to innovate with creative tours on the theme of French Cuisine and Gastronomy. For example, it is highly appreciated to spend a few days combining guided visits, relaxing time, participative cooking workshop. To end the trip on an amazing note, the last Dinner is booked at one of the best restaurants in the surroundings of the selected Hotel.

So how about taking a ride to the starred side?

Contact us to plan you visit.


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