Your Southern France D.M.C.

As France D.M.C., our extensive knowledge of the region set between Lyon, Marseille and Nice landmarks makes our creativity and reliability in designing original itineraries remarkable.


Welcome to France! Have a wonderful time exploring our southern regions.

We prepare,

AP Event & Travel organizes since 2000 all types of trips and events as D.M.C. in France, mainly for professional Groups. The Agency is operating mainly in the South of France. Large Cities such as Marseille, Lyon, Nice or Montpellier provide an extensive range of hotels. They also benefit from all sorts of transport facilities. Several international airports see all major airline Companies running flights on regular schedules. Moreover, high speed train, thatt we call in France “TGV”, allow fast travel between Paris and Lyon or Marseille for exemple. Therefore, it is extremely easy to reach the South of France within a reasonable delay.

Our group travel planning process is relatively straight forward. First, we take care of designing a suitable itinerary, fitting your project and wishes.

Then we select appropriate venues and accomodation – unless your request is very unusual.

In which case we make the necessary scouting to find the perfect spot.

Finally, we develop a detailed program of activities based on your original wishlist and a timetable. About this, priority is given to the good value for money in order to meet your budget requirements. With twenty years of exclusive work in the MICE Industry, the Agency and France D.M.C. possesses expertise and solid knowledge in organizing event and travel for Corporate Groups.

During your stay, you will get the opportunity to experience activities and entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else. A combination of novelty and classic service defines our travel approach. We also know how to offer must-have programs and famous highlights.

Tell us about your project, we will be start working out the best original options for your group.


Travel with confidence with your D.M.C. in France


Ap-Event & Travel are certified specialists. The Company is registered and submits to all legal and administration requirements from the French Travel Industry.

Your France  D.M.C. Agency Ap-Event & Travel is licensed by Governmental entity Atout France since 2010. It completes APST Registration, the French Travel Agencies compulsory Financial Guarantee Funds under #IM013110036. It is also Member of our regional Convention Bureau, called P.C.E. – Provence Cote d’Azur Event.

France is particularly well established in cultural and gastronomic heritage, which are the most popular leisure activities for foreign visitors. This is why significant traveling facilities have been implemented throughout the Country. We endeavour to deliver stressfree and safe trips to all our Clients.

Recent exceptional travel conditions, due to viral pandemic, forced us to imagine all the possible options to make every single visitor as safe as it is possible to be while traveling the South of France.

Let Southern France become your favourite place in the world.

Let Southern France become your favourite place in the world.

Over 850 Corporate Clients travelled with us. What about you?


Ethics, sustainable development and CSR

Events and Tours are of very diverse nature and lead us to solve many logistic problems. For 20 years operating as D.M.C. in France, we have encourage our Staff to respect the values ​​of our Company at all time.

First of all, it is Human relationships that bind us to our Clients.

Without them, we would not exist as a professional Agency. Sometimes stressful situations may occur so we have to stay aware and respect strict rules to protect our Clients and their environment at all time during a stay.  The quality of our responsiveness embodies the added value of Ap-Event & Travel.

Listening to our Clients, building a trustworthy relationship, maintain team spirit, honesty, friendliness, and professionalism, those are the values that shape our daily working lives.

These environments are of extreme diversity: congress centers, hotels, National Parks, private villas, urban public premises, corporate sites, incoming venues, etc. The unusual, unexpected and absence of routine is the essence of our job and we like it!

The South of France, including Provence, Alps & French Riviera region, is rich of thousands of natural & historical treasures, to our delight.

Whatever the place of traveling, our team will do its very best to ensure our presence (sometimes more than 500 people at the time …) leaves no trace, if not wonderful memories!

In our office, our involvement regarding to sustainable development is straight forward:

  • Avoid paper printing whenever possible, systematically recycled if printing is unavoidable.
  • Stop producing paper brochures or commercial document since 2007.
  • Uses of laptops to limit electricty consumption
  • Extinction of electrical appliances off the office hours
  • Reversible air-conditioning system with high energy efficiency (high insulation quality)
  • Establishing partnerships with local providers for all of our purchases.

Ap-Event & Travel focuses on developing new activities with minimum environmental issues or impact. We invite our customers to avoid motored transport in urban areas if not necessary. We give priority to independent and organic producers to purchase goods for groups. We have registered to Marseille Safe Welcome program.

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